A discussion about Barack Obama

This is one of the most balanced programs on Sen.Barack Obama and Rev.Wright’s diametrically diverse views of the world and loosened relationship. Sen.Obama cannot be defined on what Rev Wright had to say, these are two different men meet by cosmically vague luck. They are in different age group and exposed to experiences in life. Sen.Barack Obama has already written a book on his inner feeling and convictions, which is he is happy to be an American despite all the challenges he faced as an African American, while Rev.Wright has seen it all thick and thin plus more and it is not fair to compare their lives and put them both in the same category. It is natural for both men to have diametrically different view of America and the world. When Rev.Wright grew up black folks were still beaten for walking by White neighborhoods and sanctioned to only limited areas and hold minor professions that would not allow them to grow and bo more. Today America is much better; we have few more miles to go to get to that desirable state for everyone to feel they belong. Sen. Barck Obama is carrying a huge number of his electorates who are young and do not understand what Rev. Wright is talking about, to them the 60s, 50s, 40s,… are all history while to older black folks its a scar they carry. For senior African-American citizens and the youth today is like they lived in same world, yet in a different parallel. Hence, must not be intertwined at any level at all, they do not have similar outlook in life and mut not be linked and be a detarmining factor on the question of his electability. There are other issues the candidates need to be talking, such as the economy, housing issues, the environment, energy security, healthcare, the ever depleting social security funds and more.

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