Back Roads from 1981 with Tommy Lee Jones

Back Roads (1981)

This is a comedy from 1981 staring Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field and filmed in Alabama and Texas. The movie is about a prostitute (Sally Field) and a drifter (Tommy Lee Jones) doing what they have to do to survive, while making their way through the rural south. This movie also has some romantic parts and you will witness to the story how the two found in live with each other. It is very easy to predict the movie how it all will end and what will happen next. However, this is still a well made movie and Tommy Lee Jones does a great performance in it. In the movie Tommy Lee Jones travels from town to town and he is doing mostly anything to get some quick cash so he can survive another day. The director Martin Ritt also did a excellent job here buy I feel he didn’t choose the right actor to play Amy Post (Sally Field) to play the prostitute. Tommy Lee Jones is simply far better than her in this movie. Back Roads door is worth your time and it is a movie you should take a look at, this was also one of the last movies from Martin Ritt which got 3 Oscars and 11 nominations for some of his previous movies.

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