Barack Obama Diaries

Diaries digs in right away, blasting the President for not believing in American exceptionalism. Ingraham notes his disdain for his own country doesn’t stop there. Like Hollywood actors who constantly demean America, Obama gravitates toward the liberal impulse to trash the country at every opportunity.

he talker’s latest book is part satire, part scathing indictment of the current administration. Ingraham reflects on President Barack Obama’s actions over his first year-plus in office with her trademark wit, spiking her observations with “diary” entries from Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, David Axelrod and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Major media outlets love to describe the president as “no drama Obama,” but The Obama Diaries tells a different tale. Through these “diary entries,” readers will see past the carefully constructed Obama façade to the administration’s true plans to “remake America.”

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