Centos 5 cpu Load 100% Fix

heres a dang good fix for some of you. I have a p4 server that was running with 100% of cpu loaded and i was getting the dreaded “cpu running above threshold limit ” in terminal window. well if you dont use SELINUX on your machine you in luck, and if you do use it just disable it under security settings first before you do this. If you look at the system monitor click the resources tab you will see your cpu running 99-100% causing alot of heat to build on the cpu. now click the tab labeled processes in the system monitor and look for a process called ” SEALERT ” you will see this proccess using like 95% of your resources, now right click on it and click stop. now click on your resource tab again and see if your cpu usage fell down ALOT , mine went from 99-100% down to 6-7% if this works heres the permant fix for this .

yum remove setroubleshoot

it will ask you yes/no to remove just put y for yes and reboot afterwards and you can check system monitor after the reboot and your usage should be normal and in the proccess tab the word sealert should be gone. Im sure this same fix will work on fedora and redhat as well since they so closely related

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