Death Ship recorded on Dauphin Island Alabama

Death Ship (1980)

This is a low budget horror movie recorded in Alabama. The movie is about a dark and scary ghost ship which appears from the fog, and the ship was actually a Nazi torture ship before. The movie was mostly filmed in Dauphin Island, Alabama, USA however you will also see some scenes in Canada and even Mexico. Director Rakoff made this movie very well even though he didn’t have a high budget for it in the first place. The movie however got a weak background story but good and creepy scenes. You will for example never know what actually happen to the ship and why people never saw it before now and what happen to all the crew. The questions about these kind of things goes on and on, and there is really no good answers for them. However, the movie got many scary and creepy scenes that will make you jump in your chair and the more you get into the movie the scarier it gets.

The movie was banned in Finland and Norway, probably because some of the extreme scenes in the movie. Death Ship also features very scary music and it gives a good environment to the movie. The “stars” in the film are George Kennedy, Richard Crenna and Nick Mancuso. These actors are not very familiar but you font need superstars to make a good movie. So for all of you guys out there who like horror movies which will make you jump in your seat, than this is a must watch.

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