Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning filmed in Alabama

Mississippi Burning (1988)

Mississippi is a Drama/Thriller film directed by Alan Parker and released in USA on 27 January 1989. The movie was a huge hit all over the world and won 13 Awards and 16 nominations. Peter Biziou won an Oscar for Best Cinematography and Gene Hackman got Oscar nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The cast of the movie is brilliant with Gene Hackman in the main role as Agent Rupert Anderson and Willem Dafoe as Agent Alan Ward. The movie was filmed all along Mississippi and in Lafayette, Alabama, USA among other places.

Gene Hackman plays with an excellent performance in this film and really raises the cast quality. He plays as a FBI agent coming to Mississippi to investigate the murder of some civil rights workers. His partner Agent Alan Ward (Willem Dafoe) also goes with him to check the incident. The film very strong and it shows us how terrible and pointless racism is against people. The KKK has a big fan group in Alabama and the two FBI agents are trying to find out what’s going on with the place. The two agents work very differently but they are doing their best to back each other up, kind of like good cop and bad cop as they start to reveal the mystery.

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