Inside Obama’s Brain with Sasha Abramsky

“Never has the world needed strong and wise American leadership more than it does now. Abramsky’s eminently readable description of Obama’s personal gifts makes it clear that he is remarkably suited to be the president the moment requires.” -Former New York Governor Mario M. Cuomo
From the moment he burst onto the national political scene, Barack Obama has fascinated people more than any politician in decades. Many biographers have already retold his story, but no previous book truly explains how his mind works, what passions drive him, or what makes him such an effective leader.
This concise profile explores the ideas, inspirations, and experiences that have shaped the president. It quotes a wide network of sources, including many who broke long-standing vows of silence to offer their candid and surprising observations.
Award-winning journalist Sasha Abramsky interviewed close to one hundred of Obama’s current and former friends, colleagues, classmates, teachers, staff, mentors, basketball buddies, fellow Chicago activists, media consultants, editors, and even his next-door neighbors from Hyde Park. These people each know a part of Obama’s life and career, which the author blends the pieces into a uniquely detailed analysis.
Abramsky explains the origins of Obama’s extraordinary poise, focus, and self-confidence; his powerful storytelling and speaking skills; and his empathetic listening style. He shows why Obama’s experiences as a community organizer are widely misunderstood and more influential than many people realize. And he explores how Obama found a unique way to bridge America’s racial divides.
No previous book has delved so deeply into the events and people that helped make Barack Obama the man he is today.

Sasha Abramsky is one of the most original and politically insightful investigative journalists writing in the US today. He is best known for books such as Hard Times Blues, a penetrating critique of the US prison system, and Breadline USA, which reveals the hidden scandal of everyday hunger and poverty faced by American families. He is also a Senior Fellow at the New York City-based Demos think tank. His new book, Inside Obama’s Brain, attempts to delve inside the mind of the 44th President. I spoke to him about the book, and the central role that empathy plays in Obama’s political vision.

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