Italian Antipasti/Appetizers

Pizza – pasta – pancietta – gelato – panini – limoncello – bruschetta – prosciutto – and more ….

Now I am back home from Italy. I am back home from Rome, where I have spent some lovely weeks. Well, the hot weather was not always enjoyable. The well equipped apartment at 4th floor of an ancient building (without elevator) was located only a few steps from Piazza Campo de´ Fiori.

Piazza Campo de´Fiori is perhaps the most famous of Rome’s many markets. Here you can buy all your fresh fruit and vegetables. This is a square with many faces. In the morning: A colorful food market. In the mid-afternoon: The garbage trucks arrive and the square is cleaned by a large team of street cleaners. The garbage trucks generates very high noise levels. Late afternoon: Rather quite. At night: A very lively place with its bars, pizzerias, restaurants, street musicians, clowns and mime artists.

There was a historic food (butcher) shop (Antica Norcineria Viola), located on the ground floor of the old house where I was staying. This food shop have an excellent selection of cold cuts, and good Italian antipasti meats. “Sausage curtains” were hanging over the counter. The nice man behind the counter was very generous, and offered free taste of Italian pork sausages.


A lot of Italian dishes are of the quickly cooked, promptly eaten variety, and Italian dinners often begin with an antipasti. One night we visited a Vineria, ordered and had “antipasti “. However, afterwards we were too stuffed. There was no room in our stomachs for “secondo piatti” (main course) and “dolche” (dessert).

Next time I am inviting friends for a late evening snack, I am planning to invite them to an “Italian Antipasti Party”.


* A plate with assorted Italian cheeses.
* Assorted thinly sliced meats, such as salami, prosciutto and Parma ham.
* Small bowls with marinated olives.
* Red Italian wine.
* Lots of fresh bread, and a fruity olive oil, of course.

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