President Obamas health care reform plan

President Obamas health care reform plan

When US president Obama addressed his healthcare reform plan on American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago on June 15 every naturopathic and holistic healing professionals were overwhelmed and excited for this especial decision. At this day president Obama also declared that the health care cost of United State must have to reduce so that each and every people of America should be benefited from the new health care plan. For this especial healthcare developing plan all the naturopathic physicians and healthcare professionals were dreaming for this plan that must further increase the keep the healthy lifestyle as well as develop the awareness among the people of the United States about nutrition, supplements and preventative screenings.

Since the year 2008 the doctors and the chiropractic practitioners every time used to watch closely and critically analyze the presentation and comments of president Obamas healthcare reform ideas. On September 26, 2008 a writer named Neil Osterweil reported both the McCain and Obama’s healthcare plan and published it on New England Journal of Medicine. The main objective of this report is to present the main strategies of healthcare reform so that people can easily evaluate the right reform plan. From Osterweil report Obamas healthcare plan had been accepted by all as it suggested better solution than McCains healthcare plan that involved with both the public and private involvement.
On September 16, 2008 an article of Wall Street Journal entitled “Why Obama’s Health Plan Is Better” also discussed the core matters of the Obamas healthcare reform plan. People of United States then easily evaluate Obamas best healthcare plan as this plan is much more cost savvy and also provide the tremendous awareness of natural medicine and healthy living principles.

Obamas health care reform plan not only helpful for the patients but also brings good luck for all level of holistic health care practitioners such as naturalistic healers, acupuncturists, chiropractors and also homeopathic doctors. All of the best quality doctors then tried to serve their best services in order to solidify their role in keeping Americans healthy they must get involved. President Obamas health care plan also created a new health care system from which both the traditional and holistic health professionals can work together in order to ensure the highest level of patient care. Today the health care reform plan is highly intended to keep the healthier America in future with a little cost.

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