Shadow Waltz filmed in Alabama

Shadow Waltz

Shadow Watlz was released in November 1985 and directed by Milton Bagby. The cast and the director are unfamiliar the only star in this movie was Jamie Rose as Columbine Cromwell and the lesser known Thom Gossom Jr as Pompeii (a slave). The movie plot is about the American Civil War in the 1860s. A lonely Indiana farm widow finds love when she takes in an injured traveling salesman (Terence Knox), only to learn he is a Confederate spy on the run from Yankee patrols. The story then evolves from being just a simple drama film to something more. The movie actually covers many important elements, this was however not enough to impress Hollywood who slaughtered the movie.

The movie was filmed in Bessemer, Alabama, USA and features beautiful environment. The director Milton Bagby was fresh in the game when I made this movie it became his first and his last film. The movie contains plenty of drama, a lot of romance and some good war scenes. However, Shadow Waltz also known as Revel Love never made it big. My guess was that the Director was simply not experienced enough and a bad selection of actors made it even worse.

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