Soul of the Game (1995)

Soul of the Game was directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan. The story was however made by Gary Hoffman and teleplay by David Himmelstein. The film was released in 1996 on 20 April and it was a huge success in the US. The movie was only filmed in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Soul of the Game was also nominated by Image awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series Delroy Lindo, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series Blair Underwood and Outstanding Television Movie or Mini-Series.

The cast of the movie is pretty good we have actors like Delroy Lindo, Mykelti Williamson, Edward Herrmann and Blair Underwood. A perfect cast for this movie. The story is about the true story of the friendship between three of the greatest Negro League Players of all time (Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, and Josh Gibson) and how things changed when Robinson was chosen to break the color barrier in the Major Leagues.

I like the story very much and the film offers fun, exciting and sad scenes with a very good screenplay. The movies also don’t makes much commercial for baseball like most other baseball movies do and that is one of the reasons this movie is something special compared to all the other baseball movies out there.

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