Southern Heart (1999)

Southern Heart is a action /comedy /drama movie directed by Peter DeLuise. The film was released on 22 October 1999. The filming took place in Mentone, Alabama, USA. The film was an okay success but the cast is very unfamiliar. The director Peter DeLuise and his writer Emily Carpenter plays in the movie together with Jason Horgan. It is not often that the Director and the writer plays in their own movie, but this is an exception. The film also captures a lot of beautiful landscape in Alabama this is a great plus in our book and a beautiful sight indeed.

This film touched many people hearts and, in all ages and even though the actors, were not very well known, the viewers loved it. The story is beautiful and touching and I simply love the way they show Alabama, it really makes me want to visit Alabama and look at the beautiful and stunning landscape Alabama has to offer. The movie is a little bit cheesy and maybe they have put to much love into it, but overall its good and a movie I recommend at my strongest. Never has Alabama been more beautiful then this that is for sure.

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