SpaceCamp with Joaquin Phoenix filmed in Alabama

SpaceCamp was released on 6 June, 1986 and directed by the unknown director Harry Winer. The movie was filmed in Huntsville, Alabama, USA and Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, Florida, USA. Even though the director is not well known there are still some good actors in the movie. Joaquin Phoenix as Max, Lea Thompson as Kathryn Fairly and Tate Donovan as Kevin Donaldson are some of the actors in the film.

The plot is about a bunch of American kids that decides to go to a space camp during the summer holidays. They enter a space rocket to learn how to operate it and with an accident the space shuttle launches into space with only the teenagers to control it.

Joaquin Phoenix simply steals all the scenes in this movie, he was the youngest of all the kids and here you will easily see exactly why he is one of the biggest Hollywood stars today. This movie offers good action and a great Sci-Fi story. I believe this movie is targeted for younger viewers because the story simply gets a little bit too cheesy for the older generation. However, it is a great movie and as I said earlier Joaquin Phoenix really manages to show his talent in this film. This was also the first real movie he stared in.

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