The End of August

This movie was directed by Bob Graham and released in September 1982. This was Graham’s second last movie and it is filmed in Grand Hotel – One Grand Avenue, Point Clear, Alabama, USA. The movie was produced by the company Quartet from USA and almost all the actors here are unfamiliar except from Lilia Skala (Mlle. Reisz) and Patricia Barry (Mrs. Merriman). Lilia Skala did a good performance in this movie and she is overall a good actor with 2 won Oscars through out her career. Patricia Barry also did a okay job but could have been better. Except from this the screenplay of this movie is really weak and the rest of the actors had a big lack of quality when it came to performance.

This is a drama movie about a girl named Edna (Sally Sharp) feels sick and tired of her family and a boring marriage. She then meets and falls in love with a younger guy and later she leaves her family and tries to start a new life. The movie is however based on Kate Chopin’s novel which was a great novel, and the film is also known as “The Awakening of Eve”. Overall a good it was a good story with low quality acting.

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