The Lost Platoon a movie from Alabama

The Lost Platoon (1991)

The Lost Platoon is directed by David A. Prior and it was release in 1991. Most of David’s movies are filmed in Mobile, Alabama so is this one. This is a low budget war/action movie with a poorly put together cast and a really bad plot. The stars in the movie are David Parry as Jonathan Hancock and Stephen Quadros as Walker. The rest of the staff is totally unfamiliar and after you seen the movie it is easy to know why.

The plot is about an American reporter who is a WW2 Veteran soldier. In Nicaragua he meets four solders which are also veterans from WW2 however these guys are vampires and the general who commands their division is also a vampire.

The movie never made it big and it is easy to see why. There are also many strange “mistakes” in the movie for example the soldier vampires walks around in the sun and enjoys the good weather, I really cannot connect that with vampires. David A Prior also wrote this movie with his brother Ted Prior, it was a movie that could have been good if they just did a little bit more work with the whole thing.

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