The P.A.C.K (1997)

The P.A.C.K was directed by Bryan Todd and written by David A. Prior and Michael W. Evans Jr. The film was released in 1997 but it was a huge letdown from other movies which was written by David A. Prior. The movie was filmed in Mobile, Alabama, USA like most of David A. Prior’s movies. The cast in this film is pretty unknown and actually pretty inexperienced actors. Sandahl Bergman plays the main role as Rachael and Ted Prior plays a evil robot sent from another plant to kill everything he see (T-7043). It is easy to see that they had en extremely low budget for this movie and the plot and the cast is really bad.

The story is about a UFO that crashes in the Alabama forest and out from the UFO jumps Ted Prior, known in the film as the killer robot T-7043. T-7043 then walks around in the forest shooting at everything he sees and there is only a sheriff and his crew who is able to stop is crazy killing machine. If they cant disable the machine within 30 days the whole Ted Prior cyborg blows up and the explosion will be to big that it will blow up all of Alabama.

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