The Verne Miller Story movie made in Alabama

The Verne Miller story is directed by Rob Hewitt and was released on 29 April 1988. The movie was filmed in Alabama but I am not sure exactly where in Alabama this movie took place. Rod Hewitt is a rather inexperienced director but he did a great job on this film. The star of the movie is actor Glenn Scott who plays Verne Miller, a guy that works his way up into AL Capone’s (Thomas G Waites) organization and earns his trust when he becomes a top trained and deadly assassin. He has to fulfill all of Capones needs and serve him as his closest friend and protector. The movie is a gangster movie and it features many great scenes and some good screenplay. Scott Glenn is a famous and well known action actor and he do not hold back on the action is this movie either with killer moves and some wild gun shooting.
The film is based on a true story or better said a true event. When Miller hears that one of his friends is being held by the FBI in Kansas. He goes against Capnones orders and leaves to rescue his friend. This also happen in real in the late 1920s, however Capone never got connected with the incident.

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