TUAW Podcast #19: Macworld interview with Guy Kawasaki

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At long last, my Macworld interview with Guy Kawasaki, for which you told us what to ask, is ready to go. Sitting down in the same room with The Guy[TM] during the week of Macworld 07 was quite the experience, and we had a good time chatting about the iPhone, where Apple is going as a company and more.

There’s a catch with this podcast, however. Since many TUAW readers have expressed their interest in shorter podcasts, I chopped our interview down to just over 16 minutes. This means I have roughly an hour or so of chatting with Guy which I think is still interesting stuff. So, we decided to put a vote to you readers: after listening to what I put together here, do you want to hear the rest of the interview with Guy? We kept on chatting about the rest of the industry, why no one’s buying software, evangelism and its place in business today… the guy really knows his stuff. If you’re interested, leave a comment to let us know, and I’ll publish a part 2.

But for now, enjoy TUAW Podcast #19 which weighs in at just over 15MB and 16 minutes. You can snag it from this direct link, our iTunes Store Podcast directory or our own podcast RSS feed. Enjoy.

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