TUAW Podcast #20: Macworld Interview with Guy Kawasaki (Extended Remix)

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Wow – you overwhelmingly asked for it, and here it is. I was blown away by the response to the ‘TUAW edit’ of my Guy Kawasaki interview, so the extended remix is ready for download. This one clocks in at over 55 minutes, so it should satisfy the fans of Guy in the crowd. It was an honor to speak with Mr. Kawasaki, and as you’ll discover, we touched on so many more topics throughout the rest of the interview. We covered being a venture capitalist, Guy’s surprising humility, what a car from Apple would be like, whether Guy bought a Wii, how he gets his blogging on and so much more. I was admittedly speechless at times around Guy, and I’m glad Laurie Duncan, who graciously came along to handle the recording aspects, was there to help me keep from stumbling. You’ll hear her pitch some great questions to Guy a few times throughout the interview.

There is, however, one catch even with this extended cut: we wound up chatting with Guy for so long that the recording equipment we used ran out of juice just before we wrapped up. Don’t worry – you have virtually all the juicy stuff we talked about, but I just wanted to give a heads up on the use of the canned conclusion.

With that said, you can now grab my full interview with Guy Kawasaki, which weighs in at 50MB and 55 minutes. Enjoy it from this direct link, our iTunes Store Podcast directory or our own podcast RSS feed. Enjoy.

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